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Why host an AzPartygals party?
Your role as a hostess is simple (and free)! Simply provide the guests and the place for the party, and I will do the rest! The more women at your party, the more fun it will be. For a great party everyone will be buzzing about for a long time, we recommend having at least 10 women present, so invite all your girlfriends and tell them to bring a guest or two with them! The more guests you have, the greater your party total, and the more FREE gifts you’ll receive. Just remember, parties are for ladies 18 and over only!

Simply supply your guest list, and AzPartyGals will do the rest — from organizing the details to supplying the entertainment. The best part? As a hostess you’ll receive free gifts just for having the party you won't soon forget!

Birthdays, bachelorette parties, and girls’ nights out are always fun, but with Party Gals, those special occasions become laugh-out-loud unforgettable! Call your girlfriends and let them know it's time for a long overdue girls’ night in.

Invite everyone you can think of, even women who you might not think would enjoy this sort of thing, have the time of their lives! When you host a party with AzPartyGals, you earn a free hostess gift plus 10% of the party's sales towards anything in our line! And the best part is, the fun and excitement is paired with the best sexual health information out there, because your Party Gals Romance Consultant is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and open-minded.
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